Space Saving Bedroom Furniture Ideas

When looking for space saving bedroom furniture, it is important not to sacrifice elegance, design, and beauty for space. If you chose space over aesthetics, you would end up with a spacious but unappealing bedroom. On the other hand, if you select aesthetics over space, you will end up with a beautiful but cramped bedroom. While it can be hard to balance space and aesthetics, you can have the best of both worlds by implementing some of the ideas below into your bedroom design.

Self-standing and queen size wall bed for space saving bedroom furniture

Five space saving furniture for your small bedroom

Sofa Wall Bed
This modern piece of space saving bedroom furniture acts as a couch during the day. It comfortably seats three people, but a single individual can lounge on it while reading a book, watching TV, or taking a nap. This particular model also has a bookshelf above the couch so you can store your books or magazines. At night, you can move the couch pillows and pull the bed out of the wall. This sofa wall bed’s design allows you to maximize your bedroom space. It acts as a lounge, as well as a space saving bed for your bedroom.

White sofa wall bed furniture for space saving bedroom

Gray sofa wall bed for space saving bedroom

Closet Bed
If you don’t want a wall bed in your bedroom, then you may want to think about a closet bed. This particular type of bed is a space saving bedroom furniture idea that will help you get an extraordinary night’s sleep as well as store your clothes, shoes, and accessories. The closet bed has plenty of space to keep your well organized, and it’s very easy to open and close.

Closet bed furniture for small bedroom

Bookcase Bed
The bookcase bed is a truly unique piece of space saving bedroom furniture. This modern space saving bed acts as a standard bookcase during the day. At night, you can remove the outsides of the bookshelves and put them together to form your bed. The bookcase bed fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. All you have to do is cover it with a bed sheet, and you’re ready for bed.

Bookcase bed furniture for space saving bedroom

Hideaway Bed
The hideaway bed is another option that will help you save space in the bedroom. The hideaway bed’s appeal is in its design. It does not look like a bed at all. During the day, this space-saving bed is completely concealed. While the compact bed above looks like a bookcase during the day, other hideaway beds can resemble closets, storage cabinets, and even walls. At night, you can pull them down quickly using a handle or by pushing gently on them to let them down.

Hideaway bed furniture for small bedroom

Wall Closet

Wall closet furniture ideas for space saving bedroom

Corner wall closet furniture ideas for space saving bedroom
If the structure of your building allows it, you should also consider saving space by building your closets into the wall. It will eliminate your need for storage cabinets, shelves, or armories. Wall closets can also be concealed with mirrors – which give the appearance of a more spacious bedroom.

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