Standard Garage Door Sizes – Find The Ideal size for Your Home

When you want to build a new garage, the highest consideration which comes on your head is the ideal standard garage door sizes, right? Actually, there is no exact number of an ideal garage doors. You just need to suit your vehicle and the ground that you have. In addition, to make you more understand here are some ideas and design for garage doors.

Standard garage door sizes by adamsdoors

Standard Garage Door Sizes

First of all, we will show you the straightforward answer for ideal standard garage door sizes. It is probably around 2438 mm or 8 feet wide. Of course this is for the single car garage. You can simply double it if you want a double car garage. According to our data, the most people have used 7 feet and 14 feet wide of garage in competitive car industry such as Europe and United States. Many modern cars have difficulties for this value. Thus, we show you extra 1 feet due these modern cars. For your information, 4 x 4 vehicles need higher height nowadays.

Standard 8 ft garage doors

Roller Shutter Garage Door
Instead of standard garage door sizes, you need to consider the door design or types. We recommend you to use a roller shutter or sectional type for your new garage door. The reason is that it is easily fitted by inside or interior designs. You are able to maximize the interior with correct width and height of your garage with these door types. Moreover, they can suit properly if you do not have a pier besides on the up and down sides. Remember, there should be accounted the track sides in order to make them functionally well.  They always fitted with any modern cars because we just need to move them to upside and our vehicle will free from any scratches of fail garage doors.

Roller shutter standard garage door sizes

Sectional type standard garage door sizes

Brown roller shutter standard garage doors

Sectional standard garage door sizes with side door

Up and Over Garage Door
Last but not least, this garage door type is one of the most ideal standard garage doors these days. The installation is same with roller shutter which has difference design only but same function.

Standard Up and Over garage door sizes

Custom Up and Over standard garage door sizes

However, this style is more preferred than another because it has practical movement and you can make it automatically. Thus, you can sit on your car and let them up and over automatically without get out from your seat.

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