Star Wars Room Decor, Curious Ways to Make Kid’s Bedroom Look Awesome

Star wars room decor is one of popular decor specifically for children. As we know that they will be so excited when know their bedroom is designed with star wars decor. Star wars decor commonly is liked by many boys so pick up this theme for their bedroom is good idea for them. So how to help them to getting the best star wars decor for their bedroom? The keys are by some inspired pictures below.

Wall color star wars room decor ideas

Color combination star wars room decor

Color combination that is used for creating star war decor is black and white as a dominant color. They can be mixed in the shape of wall painting choice, floor, wallpaper and accessories in the bedroom. Beside black and white, for sweeter look, add some colors out of motion like blue or red. The bedroom look should be set like a galaxy view. Black can be applied for the furniture like a bedstead, rug, bench, shelves etc while younger blue would be better to be applied on the wall, curtains, bedding sheet and roof. While for the wall, you can still use a type of wooden flooring but you are allowed to cover them in small part with blue rug.

Color combination star wars room decor

How to Strengthen Star Wars Decor
To strengthen star war decor in the kid’s room, there are some ways to do such as adding star war accessories, applying wallpaper for the wall and the term of bed lighting. They need to be considered if you want to have an amazing star wars decor.  For the accessories, probably you should buy them in the toy store. Some toy stores sell small robot miniatures, posters and other accessories. Then, if you have more budgets to realize star war decor, you’d better ask for a professional woodcarver, whether he can help you to build some wooden accessories related with star wars room decor.  Ask him to get perfect finishing for them to strengthen the decor inside.

Star wars wallpaper bedroom decor

Wall murals star wars room decor

Lego star wars room decals

Star wars bedding set for room decoration

The last tips to consider in realizing star wars room decor is about lighting. Be sure to use a good lighting with white beam.  Star wars is characterized by white lighting.

Star wars lamp for bedroom decor

Star wars bedroom table lamp

If necessary, you can buy some colorful hand lamps with the longer shape. Hang them in the wall and make a specific place for placing them.

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