Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom | Make a Small Bathroom Look Simple and Stylish

Storage ideas for small bathroom will be a good solution to your bathroom that will not look miserable and untidy. Having a small bathroom, you have to be more creative in manage all elements set there. If you are looking for some inspiration dealing with the ideas for bathroom storage, this article will give you some. So, you can choose one that you like the most to be applied in your own bathroom.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom: Eliminating Vanities

You are able to save some areas in your bathroom if you do not install vanities. For storage, you can make it yourself. Hanging a mirror on the wall above the sink will be a good start of it. Then, you are able to continue the mission by installing narrow drawers. On the drawers, you can put some glass to store your accessories like combs and pins. Those are really creative and budget friendly. You do not need spend much money and need more spaces to install that.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom: Hanging Glasses on the Wall

If you need more storage for small bathroom, you are able to apply this. It is really simple and budget friendly. You can use some plastic mugs as the storage. Just hang some plastic mugs near the mirror. You can store your shampoos, liquid soap, combs, and also hairdryer there. Without vanities, you can still make your small bathroom tidy and well organized.

Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom: Modular Drawers

You can also set modular drawers there. ‘Modular drawers’ here means that on the top of it, there is a sink. Then under the sink, it is completed with storage. You can open it if you want to store your toiletries and also towels. This slim item will be so brilliant for your storage ideas for small bathroom.

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