Teenage Girl Bedroom Designs Collection

Teen is special period when teenagers are searching their life style reflected by anything surrounding them including teenage girl bedroom designs ideas. Well, nowadays various themes for bedroom are offered to give simple decorating choices for teenage girl who want to create their bedroom layout according to specific character and personality. And below are three teenage girl bedroom decor collections for inspiration.

Blue Heart Teenage Girl Bedroom Designs

Pink is certainly identical with girl, but it looks so common right now. Let’s replace that sweet color with baby blue. White still becomes main color in this blue teenage girl bedroom designs idea. Main furniture is arranged properly by considering the room space. Baby blue color looks elegant on all bedroom furniture including bed, cabinet, bedsides, shelves, and sweetheart ottomans. Gorgeous soft white and blue wallpaper with dimensional texture looks suitable with this soft colored teenage girl bedroom.

Airy Teenage Girl Bedroom Designs

Not all teenage girls prefer to have much privacy in their room since it still makes sense. This large chic bedroom applies warm color combination of orange wood and sweet pink to representing active girl. It looks natural and modern with versatile furniture arranged orderly in this compact room. More spaces for clothes storage look minimalist with study desk between them. Free stand cabinet with some drawers seem to be private place to store much secret. The airy scheme of teenage girl bedroom designs is created beautifully by open roof idea installed right above the headboard bed area.

Chic Tiny Teenage Girl Bedroom Designs

Pure white makes this tiny bedroom space wider than it should be. This bright neutral color applied on the entire room part including floor, ceiling, and wall. It looks chic with vibrant color combination including purple, orange, and magenta. Those colors applied elegantly on several bedroom accessories such as chair, rug, curtain, bed and pillow sheets, file folders, and hanging decorative items. To contrast the vibrant colors, pure white is applied on main bedroom furniture including four poster-bed, desk, and bedsides. The uniqueness of tiny teenage girl bedroom designs is found on the color scheme concept. It looks quite brave with vibrant color application in this limited space.

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