The Stylish and Economical Bathroom Furniture Vanities Choices

Bathroom furniture vanities are typically useful to complete the bathroom appliances for cleaning or make up activities at home. This furniture is very common applied in the bathroom either large or small. There are two versions that can be selected to fit the bathroom space. Double bathroom furniture vanities are used for larger bathroom especially if it used by many family members. Single bathroom furniture vanities are used for small or smaller bathroom. Various designs, colors, and materials are provided to make the stylish bathroom vanities for your bathroom. We try to give you several alternatives of bathroom furniture vanities that you can consider to be picked.

Bathroom Vanity Set

Bathroom vanity set is simple solution to help you in decorating your bathroom interior. It typically sold in package with several bathroom furniture vanities such as: cabinet for bathroom storage, faucet, mirror, and other new additional set for bathroom vanity. Here, two samples of bathroom vanity set that are attractive to be applied.

The single floating faucet is designed in rectangular shape with four drawers painted in red and white. There is a white short four-leg board under this floating faucet to help your children to reach the faucet. Hanging on the wall behind the faucet counter, simple rectangular shelves painted in red. There are six kits to store bathroom stuffs or decoration. Vertical rectangular grey board is installed in front of the left side of shelf for stylish accent. Mirror might replace it if possible. On the right side, a red floating cabinet used to store clean towels, shampoo, or other bathroom stuffs. This vanity set is appropriate for medium bathroom space since crowded accent will be taken by small bathroom.

This single bathroom vanity contains of faucet, mirror, cabinet, and shelf in the same place. The rectangular wooden framed mirror is large enough for make up necessity. Under the mirror, white marble covers the vanity counter with stainless steel faucet and sink. This marble is perfect solution for water resistant material applied on bathroom vanity.  There are four drawer pulls under the counter for the bathroom stuff and clean towel storage. And the bottom part is used as open shelf area. This single shelf is large enough for additional storage. For any bathroom space especially for classic design, this vanity set will be perfect.

Cheap Vanity Set

Once we talked about stylish bathroom furniture vanities, now we discuss about cheap vanity set for you who are economical person. Well, the price of vanity considered bay its features, material quality, brand, and the design. The simpler design applied on a vanity, the cheaper price will be put on it. Simple White Vanity Set by Coaster is a cheap vanity set sample. This simple wooden bathroom vanity only featured with small adjustable mirror, small counter, a drawer and a bench. This simple bathroom vanity is only suitable for dressing table in the bedroom rather than in bathroom since there is no sink on it.

The conclusion is selective and gently in selecting bathroom furniture vanities are important. It must be picked depend on your bathroom space, design, theme, color, and of course your budget.

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