Things to Know About Master Bathroom Shower Ideas

Bathroom is a very important part in our house. Besides to clean our body, it could also clean our mind by relieving our stressful thougts after work. That is why it is important to make your bathroom as interesting as you can.

Master Bathroom Shower Ideas for Vintage Style

Vintage is the new fashion. It seems everyone who follows the trend is now liking the word vintage by wearing everything in vintage style, including their bathroom interior design. Vintage bathroom design can be applied by putting a Victorian Clawfoot Bath Tub inside. Gentle and natural colors like white and ivory are the perfect colors that matched the theme. To make it look more feminine, you can put flower, curves, or floral pattern on the wall.

Master Bathroom Shower Ideas for Classic Style
Classic is not a fad fashion, it has always been timeless. That is why not a few people too are interested with classic style by putting classic interior design into their bathrooms. Gold or broken white colors are mostly used, with heavy and elegantly designed curtains. Do not forget to put bathroom lamps on the vanity, because lightings are important for classic style bathrooms. Expensive materials like teak wooden, marble stones, or Greek-style carved stones are usually used too. For the bath tub, clawfoot tubs are most of Classic lovers’ favorites. But remember, you have to emphasize more on the design of its clawfoots, do not choose the simple tub for your classic and luxurious bathroom.

Master Bathroom Shower Ideas for Minimalist Style

Minimalist is nowadays’ trend. As we can see, straight lines can be seen from most of minimalist design, very different with the curvy classic or vintage ones. What we need to concern about is to use simple but asthetically beautiful forms of bath tub, shower, sink, and the toilet. The simpler the better. For colors, various colors can be used as long as it doesn’t involve any heavy patterns and combined harmoniously.

Master Bathroom Shower Ideas for Natural Style
Back to natural is also a trend. You can also apply natural style to bathroom apparently. By applying natural style bathroom, you would feel the relaxation and peaceful thing while you are taking a shower. Use a loofah rug can be a great choice. It would not just keep your bathroom dry but also exfoliate the bottom of your feet. Using natural color like white, brown, and grey is also good for this theme. Avoid using heavy materials like marble stones for the floor, but choose small squares, tightly-spaced tiles in natural colors. You can also combine the vanity with woods. For lighting, just use natural lighting, it is better. Put a big window next to your bath tub. But be careful, do not make the shade transluscent! You do not want other people from outside seeing you doing your private business, don’t you?

I know that you have your own master bathroom shower ideas right now. You can also think about jacuzzi instead of the usual tub. Many people nowadays combining the idea from the past with present. If you are interested, you can try one of this shower ideas for master bathroom by applying this style of modern farmhouse, with colorful barn door as your bathroom door, combining with modern rug and colorful colors.

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