Top 10 Unfinished Furniture That Will Add Personality to Your Home

Talking about the interior design of the house will not be endless. Starting from the furniture design, colors, and other small things that can beautify the room. For some people giving a unique touch to the furniture that will be installed is a must. If you are included in this category, then it is good for you to read this article until done. This time I will tell you about teen types of unfinished furniture which is very popular and must have. We know that many advantages offered by this furniture. Starting from the price that can be said ‘cheaper’, better in quality and many other interesting things that can encourage most people to be more happy to buy this furniture. I will not discuss the advantages in detail because it has many articles that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unfinished furniture.

My focus here is to present you some of the types also unfinished furniture designs that worth for you to have. I know you are a fan of this furniture then do not take too long and here are the top 10 unfinished furniture types that will be ready to turn your home more unique and beautiful according to your desire.

Top 10 unfinished furniture for your home

1. Solid wood dresser unfinished
Solid wood dresser unfinished is the first type of furniture that is very popular lately. Seeing from its function, the dresser is usually located in the bedroom or bathroom. Regardless of functionality or placement, by purchasing unfinished dresser, you can easily embody the theme decoration and color you want. The unfinished dresser is also the best choice for you if you will replace the old dresser with a new one without having to change the overall theme of your room decor. With so many design options, this makes it easier for you to adjust to the furniture that already have. Here are some designs for the unfinished solid wood dresser which may be one of the designs is you are looking for.

2. Unfinished farmhouse dining chairs
The next popular Unfinished furniture is unfinished farmhouse dining chairs. There is indeed and a lot of furniture set with farmhouse style. But for some people may be happier if it involves a touch of personal hands to realize the theme of room decoration in a house. And unfinished farmhouse dining chairs is one type of furniture which is perfect for pouring your creative ideas to realize a more classic and warm dining room for the family. For that, there are some designs that you may want.

3. Unfinished solid wood bookcases
For book lovers sometimes the number of book collections at home will be a problem if you do not carefully organize it. Then the need for bookshelves is an absolute must for you. Since this furniture is an additional, most people prefer to choose unfinished solid wood bookcases. Having a diverse design and neutral design to be applied to various themes decoration is a plus value for this type of furniture. And here are some designs that might suit you.

4. Unfinished wood bedroom furniture
Making the bedroom with a suitable theme and fit according to personal taste sometimes require a lot of money. This is due to the many types of furniture that you have to buy to complement the bedroom theme decoration. Such us bed-frame, dresser, bench, etc. If you are planning to realize the bedroom theme decoration which is wood themed, then unfinished wood bedroom furniture is the right choice for you. and here are some of them.

5. Unfinished wood bookshelf
The next popular unfinished furniture is the unfinished wood bookshelf. Wooden bookshelf in terms of design may not be much different with bookcases and may even be said its same. But there are some types of bookshelf with a very unusual design and even made in custom both in size or design. This is what makes this type of furniture very popular and continues to demand. In addition to functioning as a book storage, there are other benefits it is to beautify the room. And here are some examples of outstanding designs.

6. Unfinished wood dining bench
Simple shape and design is the main attraction of this unfinished wood dining bench. No wonder this type of furniture has become very popular lately. You will be given full discretion to give a final touch to this type of furniture. Like the addition of comfort features such as foaming, giving color as you wish, or you can let it be if you prefer natural theme. and here are some design options for unfinished wood dining bench.

7. Unfinished wood office furniture
Home needs are not solely related to dining room furniture, bedroom, bathroom or other furniture. But there is also a room in the home specifically designed to put various office needs. Unfinished wood office furniture is the answer for you who will realize the work-space at home. Many types and options ranging from desks, bookshelves, storage, etc. Please see some examples of the design below.

8. Unfinished nightstand furniture
Nightstand furniture is usually located in the bedroom or can also be found in the living room. This depends on the design of the nightstand itself. and unfinished nightstand furniture is one of the preferred furniture for the needs of room decorations. By choosing unfinished you can easily adjust the color or size that fits your room. Here are some examples of unfinished nightstand designs.

9. Unfinished coffee table
Do you feel bored with your old coffee table? if yes then unfinished coffee table below is the right furniture for you. You can easily choose the size that suits your room. Unfinished means your creativity will exist on a table that you will use every day.

10. Unfinished wood storage box
For storage needs, sometimes the wood material is very durable and you can use in a long time. For that, unfinished wood storage box is one of the popular furniture. In terms of use storage box is very simple even you can put something on it. and even usually storage boxes can have multiple functions depending on its usage. Here are some designs you might like.

That’s the top 10 unfinished furniture that in demand lately. What do you think? Are you include the one who is looking for unfinished furniture like above? if it’s true I hope this article is useful for you.

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