Twin Bunk Beds with Stairs: Buying Tips

If we talk about twin bunk beds with stairs, it will remind us with the past around eighteenth century ago. Yep, this kind of bed has existed since long time ago and it still becomes the first choice of parents to make their children feel happy because they have a friend accompanying them when sleep at the night. Now, twin bunk beds come with so many variants including wooden and metal materials. For sure, it will make the parents hardly choose the best one for their loves one. So, here are some tips that you need to know before buying this unique bed.

Wood twin bunk beds with stairs

Check the space for the twin bunk beds with stairs

Mostly, the twin bunk beds with stairs will eat so much space of the bedroom. That is caused by the twin size and the stairs which quite large than original twin size. Therefore, you have to measure the bedroom or area that you currently use now. Another thing that usually ignored by homeowners is the gap between the ceiling and the bed itself. For your information, the space between both of these features is around 2 until 3 feet only. You need to make sure the gap should start from the top mattress not the below one.

Small twin bunk beds with stairs and bookselvhes

Decide the theme of your twin bunk beds with stairs
Secondly, the twin bunk beds theme should depend on your kids’ demand. It means that you have to ask them first what they want. This is important because to avoid their bad mood. Once your kids have a bad mood, I believe they do not want to sleep on the bunk beds anymore. Another important point is the size which you have to think the future of it. I mean our children will grow someday. Some bunk beds offer a feature which able to be changed into pure twin bed. This kind of twin bed of course will cut off your budget in the future too.

White twin bunk beds with stairs and rainbow bedding sets

Black twin bunk beds with stairs that can separate

Twin over full bunk bed with stairs and sport themed bedding

The last tip before buying twin bunk beds with stairs is the chosen material. There are two major materials that available for this bed, metal and wooden. It depends on you actually about the material. However, metal is not recommended if you care about your children health. Yeah, it will hurt their feet once they use the stairs. But, metal is good in durability than wood obviously.

White and simple metal twin bunk beds with stairs

Natural finish twin bunk beds with stairs and drawer

Wooden twin bunk beds with stairs and bookselvhes

So, wood is more preferable if your kids are too young for bunk beds than the metal. Another weakness for metal is the repairing system which more difficult than wood.

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