Unique Alternative Idea for Bathroom Vanities with Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vanity is kind of essential furniture located in bathroom. It is used to help the user in cleaning and makeup activities. Various beautiful and stylish designs of bathroom vanity can beautify the bathroom interior décor. For unique alternative, bathroom vanities with vessel sinks are perfect to create different sense in bathroom. Do you know the differences between vanity with common sink and vessel sink? Well, let’s check them out below.

The Characteristic of Bathroom Vanities with Vessel Sinks

Basically, the design of bathroom vanities with vessel sinks and usual sinks are the same. The difference is only found on the design of sink. If the usual sink typically installed in the vanity counter, vessel sink is precisely installed floating on the vanity counter. There will be prop devices such as aluminum or stainless steel sticks installed under the sink, but currently the vessel sink only stand alone properly on the vanity counter without any prop.

This white glass bathroom vanity with vessel sink looks modern as well as the bathroom design concept. The glossy white vessel sink is designed in circle shape perfectly installed on the blue-green vanity counter. There is enough space next to the sink to store any cosmetic or soap. There are much storage space on the drawers and closed cabinet under the sink. To store more bathroom stuffs, there is floating mount cabinet installed on the wall next to the vanity. Rectangular unframed mirror complete the shape concept of this modern vanity.

Unique and luxurious accent applied perfectly on this bathroom vanity with vessel sink. Light blue with slight transparent glass on the vessel sink looks unusual. This single bathroom vanity is made in compact design with thick stainless steel pole holding the bowl like of vessel sink. Modern faucet completes the modern theme and suit the stainless steel pole under the sink. There is no storage space featured on this vanity, but its compact design gives more space in the bathroom for custom storage furniture.

Many reasons that make you choose bathroom vanities with vessel sinks. They are including beautiful sense for your bathroom and compatible for any bathroom space application.

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