Varieties and Styles of Bathroom Shower Doors

Bathroom shower doors,- Bathroom is incomplete without a shower door. That is why bathroom shower doors are specially designed and made. What is important to choose for bathroom shower door should be the one that is waterproof, which usually is made of glass, so it would be durable to be used from the humidity of bathroom temperature.

Sliding Bathroom Shower Doors

Sliding Bathroom Shower Doors With Glass Panels

Sliding bathroom shower doors are needed for those who like simplicity. With only two panels as the door, or more than two panels surround the shower stall, the door can be opened by sliding it. This kind of door is neat and really keep the water from the shower stall to not come out and wet the outside part.

Bi-Fold Bathroom Shower Doors

Bi-Fold bathroom shower doors can be opened by pushing it in and pull it out to close it. The bad thing about this kind of door is, if the condition of your shower stall is wet or watery, the glass leaf of the door would likely to swipe the water out. And sometimes if a member of our family is careless, they would just open this kind of door harshly which would just break the door. That is why it is important to use it properly.

French Style Bathroom Shower Doors

French Luxurious Bathroom Shower Doors

French style bathroom shower doors usually have two panels of door and can be open by pushing it or puling out. This kind of door needs a bigger space than smaller ones.

Single Bathroom Shower Doors

Single but Unique Bathroom Shower Doors

Single bathroom shower doors suit small and simple bathroom. It would just fit a tiny space. The negative thing about this door is, the space for taking shower would be very narrow, and we would be likely to bump our hands, legs, or even head while we are taking shower.

Decorative Bathroom Shower Doors

Decorative bathroom shower doors

Decorative bathroom shower doors are for those who think aesthetics as their priorities. The shape of this kind of door is just usual. But unlike other usual doors, the glasses of decorative bathroom shower doors are usually accesorized with glass paintings or glass arts. There is no other function of the bathroom decoration, but only for a beauty look.

Bathroom Shower Doors With Frame

As before we were talking about shower doors that mostly are without frame, now we will talk about bathroom shower doors with frames. Bathroom shower doors with frames are mostly used by people since they have cheaper price. While frameless dore are dependant on the hinges, which made it more expensive, shower doors have its frames to support the glass panel.

Bathroom Shower Doors With Racks

Shower doors with racks shelf outside

This is what each of us have, bathroom shower doors with racks! We can put our favorite soap, shampoo, or other stuff for shower on the racks inside the bathroom stall so that we do not have to go out to get the soap or shampoo. It would minimize the chance for us to wet the floor and clean the bathroom for once again.

Those are seven types of bathroom shower doors that might also be apply for your master bathroom shower. Choose the one that fits in your bathroom, as well as fits your taste!

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