Various Bathroom Shower Stall Ideas You Can Get

A nice and convenient bathroom is a bathroom that is clean and dry, which is safe for people to get into it and get out of it as well. That is why it is important to separate the bathroom into stall and outside part because if it is not, all the floor is going to be dangerous because it is slippery. Now I am going to talk about uniquely designed shower stall, that is different from those mediocre ones.

Colorful Bathroom Shower Stall Ideas

Bathroom shower stalls with transparent glass doors are just common. If you dare to be different, you can try installing tube-shaped shower stall with colorfull glass panels. The combination of the colorful thick glass panel and metal components would be just perfect to keep the water to not flowing outside the stall. Instead of the common square-shaped shower stall, tube-shaped stall just look unique, let alone its attractive neon colors like blue or red. I suggest you to paint all the wall white so the contrasts would just look good.

Unique Bathroom Shower Stall Ideas

We can use mediocre materials to get such unique bathroom shower stalls ideas. For example is by using normal bathroom tiles, but build it to be a different and unique shape. For example is this vortex-shaped shower stall. Besides of its unique shape, this kind of stall would also prevent the water to splash outside while we are taking a shower.

Spacious Bathroom Shower Stall Ideas

Glass Shower Stall

Some people like tiny or small shower stall since it is simple and small so that it is easier to clean. But on the other hand, sometimes you bump your elbow, hand, or even head while you are taking your shampoo or soap bottles when you are inside such tiny shower stall. That is why some other people like it to be a wider space especially for master bathroom. A spacious bathroom shower stall lets people who are taking shower inside to be able to move around their hands without bumping to the shower walls. This kind of shower stall is recommended specially for the elderly, since we can put a seat in the space inside for them to shower.

Corner Shower Stall Ideas

Simple Corner Shower Stall

Corner shower stalls are for those who have small space bathroom. Normally it is just a square-shapped stall located in the corner part of a bathroom with a shower hanging on the wall. It is good for those who like simplicity. But still, we still need transparent glass door. Another choice if you want to save money, you can build a barrier between the shower part to outside which is enough for the water used to be kept inside the stall and unable to splash out. Buy a nice shower curtain and install it on the stall. You can put the curtain behind the barrier to prevent the water to go out even better.

Do not forget to put a bathing stuff rack inside

Any kind of bathroom shower stall ideas you have and choose, make sure you put all the soap, shampoo, sponge, and other bathing stuff inside the shower stall so that you do not have to go out and wet the floor. We also should be wise to choose which style of bathroom stall suits our bathroom nicely, do not just choose because you like it.

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