8X5 Bathroom Floor Plans and Remodeling

So what can we do to have the small bathroom but still look more spacious?. The only way is by remodeling this. Therefore, if this is the first time you are building your 8X5 bathroom and still confused to determine the right placement of the stuff, let’s see 8X5 bathroom floor plans and bathroom remodeling ways below.

Bathroom Floor Plan Options

In real, there are some bathroom floor plans you need to consider for the size of 8X5. The standard of placement commonly consists of the simple door in the right or left, while the sink or other bathroom furniture vanities is placed beside of the toilet. It should be reachable to make you easily get the faucet to wash your hand, once you finish using your toilet while the bathtub can be placed in the rest of space of the room. Make it full length is good, but if you want to have a little bit space to hang mirror in the bathroom, choose a half-length tub is recommended. Don’t give a barrier between tub and toilet because it precisely makes your room looks so narrow.

Other floor plan is also available, but it actually does not depend on the design made by developer, it should be adjusted to your comfortable as well. Some people feel disturbed when the toilet is positioned not to direct to the door, we mean it might be placed near the door. If the door in the left side, some developers suggested you to place the toilet in the right side one. But some homeowners feel not comfortable when the toilet is placed nearest to the door when it is adhered to the wall.

How to Look More Spacious
So to make your 8X5 bathroom floor plans looks spacious, there are some ways to do. Firstly, you can use or replace your long door with the new one. Use the sliding door is absolutely helpful. It minimizes the use of space inside the bathroom. For the bathtub, don’t use a regular door, in the other hand, you can also use a sliding glass door to easily open and close. Or for the simplest one, just cover it with a specified curtain is absolutely helpful. For the color, use the contrast color combination between tile and wall as well. It liven up the atmosphere and make your bathroom looks bright so make it more spacious. If needed, use a big mirror to make a larger illusion inside.

So we hope that information about 8X5 bathroom floor plans and remodeling above can inspire you all.

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