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Garage Door Trim Ideas for Your Next Project

Wood garage door trim ideas

One of the house exteriors that frequently be the main attention is the garage door. Speaking of garage doors, the installation of a garage door trim is a must so that the garage door look more attractive and beautiful. Garage door trim or casing has two types of styles which are the arched and flat […]

How to DIY Garage Door Weather Stripping

Complate garage door weather stripping black

Your garage door has no weather stripping yet? That is cruel. Garage door weather stripping is one of door protection especially for your garage. It gives your garage good looking and protects your vehicle due the weather like winter. Here are some steps that you need to do and prepare to seal garage door. DIY […]

Aluminum Garage Doors, Find The Best One For You

Double alumunium garage door

Aluminum garage doors,- There are some reasons why several people prefer like choosing an aluminum garage door to install in their garages than choosing other one, one of all is about durability. As we know that age of wooden sometimes is shorter relatively. It is easy being porous, though the aluminum can be dull, but […]

Choosing The Right Insulated Garage Doors for your Home

Reflective garage door insulation kit

Have a problem with street noise or swelling energy bills? Garage insulation will help you to cut and trim this problem effectively. Besides of that, it can make your house temperature become warmer at night, quieter and even cooler at daytime. We will give you some steps of choosing insulated garage doors. We also recommend […]

Pros and Cons Of Plastic Garage Storage

Plastic storage boxes to organize the garage

Plastic garage storage,- There is no more amazing than have storage in our home. It is really useful and even has many functions to fulfill our needs. As we know that the garage is always fulfilled by untidy equipments such as helmet, raincoats and some annoying spare parts that certainly will disturb us when want […]

Garage Door Panel Replacement: A quick step Installation Guide

White garage door panel replacement with window panels

The advantage of garage door panel replacement is that it saves you money. Replacing the concerned garage door panels would do the job for you, and this would cost them you less as well. It is equitable the way to go because replacing a single door panel cannot be nearly as expensive as installing an […]

Wood Look Garage Doors Options and Benefits

Wood look garage doors by canyon ridge

Wood look garage doors,- A House will seem exotic as some used furniture made of wood. This also applies to garage doors. The use of wood in the garage doors will add to the beautiful appearance of the House. An assertive style of wood has an infinite art for natural wood lovers. However, the use […]

Easy Ways to Apply Garage Door Insulation Panels

Double garage door insulation panels

We have found common problem in using garage door insulation panels which many people ignored this significant things. Panels here have very important functions in your garage. Besides to be aesthetic appeals it gives us some prints of insulation area. Thus, you will be easier to place these insulation into your back garage doors. Below, […]

Portable Metal Garage Designs and Benefits

Portable metal garage with side door and window

Portable metal garage,- You will have no any problem anymore once you want to build a garage on near your house. There are plenty of portable metal garage which are able to be placed on the yard. It is a garage which has capability to move and easy-to-build even you can do-it-yourself to make portable […]

12 Foot Garage Door Guide for Your Modern Garage

12 foot garage door for modern house

Many homeowners do not realize that the 12 foot garage door as could be their best size for a modern garage door. We know that the house sizes will be increased by following the latter decades these days. It means that the garage should be increased to support this housing development. For you information, the […]

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