11+ Astounding Freestanding Pantry Cabinet with Pull Out Shelves for Your Kitchen

The storage area or pantry cabinet is the important thing that should be in your kitchen if you want the kitchen look tidy and function optimally. Pantry unit is usually a cabinet that has several shelves in it. Some pantry unit designs are merges with the kitchen cabinet, but some are independent or usually we call it with freestanding pantry cabinets. And one of the most popular designs today is freestanding pantry cabinets with pull out shelves.

In general, there are at least two kinds of freestanding pantry cabinet designs with pull out shelves. The first design is a pantry cabinet with shelf design that is attached to or attached to the cabinet door so that we can pull the cabinet door as well as the shelf inside. And the second is a pantry cabinet that has a separate cabinet door design from the cabinet shelves. So to access the shelf you need to open the cabinet door first then pull the shelf or drawer inside the cabinet. For practicality, of course the first design has more advantages over the second kitchen pantry design.

Freestanding pantry cabinet with pull out shelves is very useful for those of you who have a small kitchen but want extra storage space. Another advantage of freestanding pantry cabinets is its flexibility, because with this design you can move it and place it in any corner in your kitchen. For those of you who like unfinished furniture, some of these freestanding pantry cabinets with pull out shelves are also sold with unfinished style.

For those of you who inadvertent is looking for inspiration before buying a freestanding pantry cabinets with pull out shelves, here I have collected some of the best designs that I think are worthy to copy and install them in your beautiful kitchen.

13 Best freestanding pantry cabinet with pull out shelves

Most of these freestanding kitchen cabinets use neutral colors such as white, gray, or natural wood colors. This is to make it easier when you are going to mix and match with an existing cabinet. Keep going and see some of the pictures below and get inspired.


By Ody | December 1st, 2020 - Kitchen Designs